Frontend Software Developer

About the role

As a frontend software engineer, you are the linking pin between your backend co-workers, the visual designers and the end customer. Your work is critical to making a great first impression. Without good frontend code, neither the backend nor the visual design will stand a chance.

About Vamp

Vamp is developed in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam city center. Our development team is mainly working from our Amsterdam offices, and we fully support distributed and working from home.

We’re dedicated to helping organisations and companies of all sizes increase efficiency, save time and reduce costs when adopting DevOps and CloudNative technologies. We provide powerful and easy-to-use solutions to optimise modern architectures and systems, based around microservices and/or containers.

We are VC-funded and have a customer-base for our paid-for enterprise offering. We love to always learn and improve and share knowledge, while keeping a sane work-life balance with enough fun.


What we're looking for

• Experience in building Application pages with React/Angular/Insert a popular framework here in a professional (commercial/opensource project) project/product environment

• Experience in writing tests for frontend and support for multiple browsers

• Experience with interacting with Rest APIs

• Experience with CSS (templates), frameworks like Bootstrap

• Experience with Github Standard Pull & Request Workflow

• Interest towards CI, CD, DevOps, microservices, (docker)containers

• You obsess over responsive design, graceful degradation, breakpoints etc.

• You love good form, function and smooth interaction

• You aim to strike a great balance between beauty/elegance and realism/pragmatism, because you’re a true crafts(wo)man

• You love coming into work and enjoy the people you work with

• You love making software!

• You are quick to pick up on new stuff and enjoy the process of learning new things

Bonus-points for:

• Experience with developing single page app development

• Hands-on experience with UX design and testing

• Experience in implementing e-commerce and admin type web application front ends and dashboards.

The benefits

• contributing to internationally used CloudNative platform Vamp

• working on and with cutting edge technologies

• direct and lots of influence in a great team with smart and experienced colleagues

• flat and agile organisational structure with lots of flexibility and responsibilities

• international exposure, clients and partnerships in the container/microservices/cloud native and DevOps space

• Amsterdam city centre offices with great lunch facilities

• Powerful notebook (mac, linux or windows) with big monitor


Release with confidence

Vamp is changing the face of feature delivery with cloud-native release orchestration that makes software releases self-driving and self-healing.

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